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2012-05-21 12:36 am
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Title: Vivaldi
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz
Author: [personal profile] taoya
Disclaimer: I don't own Weiß Kreuz and I don't make money with this. It's just for fun.^^
Summary: Just a normal Saturday morning in the household of Schwarz. ;)

This fanfic was inspired by a David Garrett concert I attended last year. I started writing soon after but it took me forever to finish. Enjoy!^^

Vivaldi )
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2012-03-03 12:16 am

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Finally spent some of the money I got for my birthday. Now some new DVDs decorate my room (Margin Call, Stark Trek, A Single Man and Pleasantville) AND I got the Sherlock-soundtrack (both volumes *yay*) and the new single by die ärzte.

Now I've got a whole bunch of stuff to discover and I'm really looking forward to it! ^__^
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2012-02-07 10:41 pm
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my lovelies

My flat is getting more comfortable by the day and I got some little companions by my side. I call them my 'IKEA-trio'. XD

(from left to right: Benedict, Elisa, Hugo)